Well Hello There, Fall!

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[image via Exploding Dog]

I was just out front watering the garden, and that Fall smell is in the air. Hurrah! Time to pull out my jackets and hoodies and cozy boots. It’s also time to get started on gifts, if I want to do handmade holiday again this year. Step one: a list!

Do you guys do handmade gifts or store-bought? Or a little of each? I was thinking of trying to do mostly handmade with some store-bought stuff here and there to fill in.

Eep! If I want to be any sort of on time to the dayjob, I had better get moving!

2 comments on “Well Hello There, Fall!
  1. I tried to do handmade gifts, but didn’t finish in time – ended up just giving handmade cards and gift certificates :\ but I saved what I was working on and hope to give those gifts out this year!! I think a little of each is a nice balance if the person you are gifting to isn’t very crafty.

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