Make a Planner from Reclaimed Paper

About a week ago, I ran across an awesome tutorial for making your own 2009 planner out of trash and decided to give it ago! Lots of cutting and gluing later, it’s all finished!
Hello, 2009!

I used the tutorial by Matt Embrey over at Green Upgrader and made a few adjustments, so I could use all materials that I already had. Instead of an old Priority Mail envelope, I found a bubble mailer in our recycle bin that was the perfect size! Since my printer is a little janky, I opted to make the pages by hand. This took…forever. I went through three glue sticks sticking the day boxes to each page:
First Page

The date boxes on a few pages are made from security envelopes, but most are from a notebook that I used at work. It was fun to scour through for blank parts of pages that would work! My planner is bound a bit differently than the one on tutorial over at Green Upgrader, too. I found a bunch of awesome book binding techniques over at Thimble Arts & Crafts and sort of improvised based on the techniques there.

The planner is bound with orange vintage embroidery thread, and I left a long tail on there that I’m going to use as a bookmark!

I’ve got to say that my favorite part was drilling the holes so I could bind the pages. There’s something about drilling through paper that I really like! Matt gives this tip in his tutorial, but I think it’s critical enough to repeat here: put a piece of scrap wood under your pages when you’re going to drill! You don’t want to drill through your tabletop or floor!

14 comments on “Make a Planner from Reclaimed Paper
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  4. Haha…all the gluesticking took a while, but there are lots of less labor-intensive ways to make the pages, I’m sure!

    Hurrah! I’m glad to hear you’re still loving your Lunch Kit! :)

  5. Haha thanks! I will admit that it was a bit time consuming, but only because of the way I decided to do the date squares. There are definitely easier/quicker ways to pull it off!

  6. Thanks, ladies!

    Marilyn – You’re so right about paperless calendars. There is something in my brain that forgets things unless I physically write them down, but I really ought to work on that. Now that I have Dave’s old iphone, there’s really no excuse.

  7. Love it!! I used to turn blank books into planners by writing the weeks onto them before I found out about Slingshots, and wanted something with more room for creativity than the standard boring office planners. But now I’ve turned to Google calendar for the lack of paper and the free price. I do miss the doodling though! You’re inspiring me with this purty thing!

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