Reuse Inspiration: An Upcycled Basket (Made from Plastic Bags!)

Genevieve over at Sewphisticate has done it again! You might remember her as the gal who made those glorious upcycled shrinky dinks out of plastic cups. Now, she’s working on a basket constructed from crocheted plastic bag yarn, or “plarn.”

Plastic Bag Yarn Basket

Plarn is basically strips of plastic. She cut up strips of plastic bags and combined crochet and basket weaving techniques to make this awesome little basket! Even the row marker and filler cord are made from plastic bags.

Plarn basket

She’s been documenting the whole process over on her blog. Check out all of Genevieve’s posts on the plarn basket over here!

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[All photos courtesy of SEWphisticate. Used with permission.]

7 comments on “Reuse Inspiration: An Upcycled Basket (Made from Plastic Bags!)
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  2. Our older neighbors used to make rugs out of plastic bread bags years ago. They were awesome… I was missing them but now I think I’ll try my hand at them. Thanks for the hint…

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