So yesterday I took off of work to collect myself and do some sewing and writing and cooking. It was magical.
new Lunch Kits

I finished up three new Lunch Kits which are now up in the shop! Woo! The orange Banner Day one is my favorite of the bunch. It’s a bit slouchier than the usual ones, because the vintage linens it’s made from are soft like butter.

The plan was to make more Lunch Kits, but I decided to leave that for the weekend and get into the kitchen instead. I’ve been trying to learn the ins and outs of crock pot life, and it’s been really fun to dump things in there and see what happens. It’s not as rigid as I thought it would be! Yesterday, I made a bean stew. Here’s how it sort of evolved:

  • Dump in a can of black beans and a can of pintos into a crock pot with a bunch of organic tomato juice, 4 cloves of garlic and a handful of dried Thai chilis. Turn pot on low.
  • Taste about an hour later and realize that this was not working out. Add some raw sugar and herbes de Provence (my favorite!).
  • Check again 30 min later and realize it looks more like a soup than a stew. Way too much tomato juice. Dump in a mystery amount of quinoa to thicken things up. Turn up to high.
  • Taste again. It’s still a little boring. Dump in some red wine and mushroom soy sauce.
  • Taste again 30 min later. Things are lookin good! It’s getting thicker and the flavor is nice. Real nice.
  • One hour later, it’s done!

I had some cold for lunch today, and it was like a lovely bean and quinoa salad! I’ll probably have it for dinner tonite, but heated and maybe drizzled with tahini.

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2 comments on “Freestyling
  1. Aw, well thanks Annie!!

    If you want to do crock pot freestyling, I recommend starting with a recipe to get an idea of the liquid to bean ratio. Though I did that and then used juice instead of canned tomatoes, which didn’t go so well at first. It’s worked out in the past when I didn’t deviate quite as much.

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