Anatomy of the Tomato Sandwich

I am officially tomato sandwich crazy! Rather than post a million variations on a theme, how about we just break this situation down? Here are the basic components that, in my opinion, make a great tomato sandwich! Part of the fun is mixing it up…trying different spreads, herbs, breads and whatnot. Here’s a handy chart to get you started:

tomato sandwich

And here are some ideas for the components:
Breads – bagel, english muffin, even a tortilla would work!
Spreads – Veganaise, hummus, Tofutti cream cheese, avocado, mustard
Herbs – fresh basil, sage, oregano, mint
Onion – diced scallion, sauteed leek, sliced Vidalia, sliced red onion

SO! This whole thing begs the question: What’s your favorite tomato sandwich combination? Not that I’m fishing for lunch ideas or anything…

11 comments on “Anatomy of the Tomato Sandwich
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  6. I just like a plain ol’ fresh from the vine picked tomato,on a slice of white bread with some salt and mayonaise. Just like my granny made me when I was growing up!

  7. Karen – Avocado is one of my top favorite foods! Good one!

    Amanda – This mayo situation sounds awesome! I might be trying that tomorrow morning when I pack my lunch!

  8. I like dark bread like pumpernickel with just red onion and tomato but theost important part is the mayo. It has to have salt and crushed red pepper and a little Dijon mustard and balsamic mixed into it (the mixing mustard and vinager in is so crucial).

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