Friday Roundup: VEGAN MOFO Edition


I have been totally overwhelmed with the crazy awesome vegan food from the first week of the Vegan Month of Food. It would be a real shame to not show it off! Here are some eats from my fellow MOFOers:

veganmofo roundup

Clockwise from the top left, you’re lookin’ at:

Man, I can’t wait for week two! Not only will there be more awesome food to ogle, I’ll actually have some time to cook! Hurrah!

5 comments on “Friday Roundup: VEGAN MOFO Edition
  1. keeping up with everyone’s posts is just impossible! i’ve been trying to keep on top of my regulars though and then poke around a few random mofo-ers to see what’s up. there’s just too much yummy vegan food out there. take that, omnis!

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