Sweet Potato with Curried Greens

Curried Greens

It’s busy times around here, and I needed a quickie lunch before running out to help some friends move. This was ready in less than 10 minutes and totally did the trick! The sweet potato was pretty much perfect with the deeply seasoned greens.

Sweet Potato with Curried Greens

  • sweet potato
  • 1T margarine
  • salt
  • handful of greens (your choice!)
  • pinch of cloves and ground ginger
  • 1/2t each coriander, curry powder, garam masala, fennel seeds
  • 1T onion or scallion, chopped
  • 1T each olive and sesame oil

Cook the potato in the microwave. While that’s going on, heat the oils in a small pan, toss the greens and spices. Saute until the greens wilt and the fennel seeds are nice and brown.

Top the sweet potato with the margarine and salt, then with the greens. Serve!

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