Recycled Ornament Trees

Ornament Tree

It turns out that we have so many handmade ornaments from Christmas parties past that there was nowhere on the tree to put our store-bought glass ball ornaments from last year. Rather than pitch them or store them for another year, I really wanted to find a new way to use these. They ornament trees turned out wonderfully!

A while back, I ran across a tutorial for making these sweet ornament trees, but now I can’t remember where! If it was your project, please let me know…I would love to credit you!


The original tutorial was on Indie Fixx! Head on over for the complete deets and some lovely pictures of Jen’s version!


The tutorial mentioned ued hot glue to secure the balls on there, but I wanted mine to be a bit more flexible, in case I had a new idea for these suckers next year. Skipping the glue made this even more simple! Here’s how it went:

Recycled Ornament Trees


  • assorted ball ornaments
  • salvaged sticks
  • heavy glass vases

1. You’ll want to pick sticks that have lots of sticky-uppy parts (that is a technical term). Since we’re skipping the glue, you’re basically just counting on gravity to hold these things together.

2. Place your branch into your vase, so you can arrange your ornaments on there.

3. If your sticks have smaller twigs on the ends, you might leave those on…they add a little tension that makes the balls stay on more securely. Just place your ornaments onto the ends of the sticks, and you’re all done!

4. My brilliant husband had the idea of wiring a few ornaments so some would dangle down. To do that, you just need a few ornaments with their tops on. You can use an ornament hanger or any small piece of wire. Just wrap the wire around the stick to secure.

We got a little out of hand and made four of these guys. The house feels so festive! What holiday decorations are you guys whipping up?

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