Staying Positive: Thinking Bright Green

Something about a recent article on Worldchanging really struck a chord with me. So often, we hear folks talk about the green movement in such a negative way – even from the folks in the thick of it. It’s framed as being about deprivation: using less, cutting back.

I mean, sure, we will have to do those things. I’m just not certain that necessarily means feeling deprived. What it will mean is change.

We are going to need to make some big changes as a society if we want to undo the damage we’ve inflicted on the environment, and change is scary. Change means diving into things that we don’t know, and what’s more terrifying than that?

Alex Steffen is one of my heroes, no question, and this article is a shining example of why I admire him. He keeps things so optimistic! Yes, we need to make big changes, but it’s exciting! It means opening new doors and forging ahead into a bright green future!

For another optimistic take on where we’re going, check out No Impact Man. Colin Beavan is another one of my heroes. He went all in: used less, cut back. And he discovered that he and his family were happier and healthier than they’d ever been.

It’s easy to get a little doom and gloom when we’re looking at how far we have to go, but doom and gloom aren’t very productive. I go to that dark place sometimes, and it helps a lot to take a step back and look at how far we’ve come and what exciting (if a little bit scary) times lie ahead.

Image Credits:
Sunflower. Creative Commons photo by blueblue
Shoe Garden. Creative Commons photo by torroid

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