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Over at ProBlogger, Darren suggested that folks create a Bloggers to Watch List for their niches, and I just love this idea! There are so many awesome green crafty blogs that I follow, and I bet some of you guys would dig them, too. If you follow any that aren’t listed below, feel free to spread the love and share your faves in the comments!

I was thinking it might be fun to also make a vegan eats list….that one’s coming later this week! For now, here are some of the green crafty blogs I follow:

  • The Long Thread – Ellen posts awesome tutorials and super-adorable artwork that her kids design. She does bunches of great recycled craft projects, too!
  • 365 Ways to Go Green – OK, this one isn’t strictly crafty, but Mike posts a small green tip every day, and many of them are DIY.
  • Crafting a Green World – I write for these guys, but I was a fan of CAGW way before that! In fact, when I applied to write at GO, I didn’t realize they owned CAGW and sort of freaked out when they suggested I could post there.
  • Extreme Craft – Garth Johnson of 1000 Ideas for Creative Reuse chronicles all sorts of crazy crafty finds.
  • re-MAKE-able – A brand new blog all about recycled crafts. I can’t wait to see where Megan takes this project!
  • Strawberry Hedgehog – Tracy Perkins makes vegan soap, and I just love her blog! Lots of vegan recipes and info about natural living.
  • Wardrobe Refashion – This is a collective blog where folks take a pledge to buy no new clothes for 2 month increments. Instead, they make and remake any clothes they need and share their adventures!

So who are you guys keeping an eye on this year?

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  3. Just to clarify all women and men can post at the Green Moms Carnival. You don’t have to be a mom. We call all women mothers of the Earth regardless if they have kids. Of course, men are Dads of the Earth. We are all caretakers of the Earth.

  4. I love crafty reuse people. I am somewhat of a re-user but I would not call myself crafty (sign). I also like crafting a green world.

    You should consider submitting a post at the Green Moms Carnival. We are an eclectic bunch of moms and mothers of the Earth who get together each month and post about a given topic. I am hosting gardening in April so I would love some crafty ideas!!!

    See for more information as to our upcoming topics and members. The more the merrier! Condo Blues is one of us and has a great DIYer blog!

    I myself post about green building, green living, gardening, recycling and reuse.

    I need to check out your list! I wish there was 8 days in a week.
    BTW, Mallory has a nice blog too. I have checked out her site as well.

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  8. I’ll have to check out some of these! I look forward to your vegan list, too. Reading vegan blogs has been really helpful to me in eliminating dairy from my diet for the most part.

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