Easy Peasy Reuse: Homemade Ribbon

homemade ribbon

It was one of those “AHA!” moments. As you know, I am a crazy hoarder of fabric scraps. I’m constantly looking for ways to use them up, and my scrap bin often has trouble closing because it’s so stuffed. At the same time, I go through quite a bit of ribbon. Each Lunch Kit that I make takes a little bit for wrapping up the napkins and utensils, and that adds up when I’m making lots and lots of them.

AHA! It turns out, you can make functional, coordinating ribbon with just long, skinny fabric scraps and a pair of pinking shears! The pinked edges avoid fraying, and I love the look of it.

Not only is this pinked ribbon super-easy to make, you can cut it as skinny or as wide as you like! Here’s how:

  • Choose a scrap of fabric that’s the length you’ll need.
  • Decide on a width. If you’re not sure, 1/2″ works well. Now, either grab some tailor’s chalk and a ruler, and draw the borders of your ribbon on the fabric or just eyeball and get trimming! If the scrap you’re using is selvage, you only need to pink the unfinished edge, otherwise use the pinks on both edges.
  • Use your pinks to trim the ends of your ribbon at an angle.

That’s it! You’re ribbon ready!

A double win! I spent the afternoon making ribbon It put a little dent in the ol’ scrap bin, AND I am no longer a slave to storebought ribbon! Hurrah!

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