Shop Talk: Sustainable Printing

My business cards and postcards from Mondo Print

Printed materials are a fact of life if you’re running a crafty biz. You need business cards and promotional materials, and there is paperwork like invoices and price sheets that just need to be printed out sometimes. As hard as we try to do everything electronically, from time to time hard copies are just unavoidable.

Here are a few resources to help your printed materials have a lighter impact:

The Cosa Verde blog posted an awesome guide to printing terms aimed to help you make greener printing choices! I highly recommend giving it a read…it’s excellent!

If you’re wanting printing options for green marketing, I’ve had really great experiences with Greener Printer and Mondo Print. The latter isn’t specifically a green printing company, but they offer eco-friendly printing options at no extra charge. Just remember to check that box when you’re placing an order!

Printing at home is a little bit trickier. The easy way to green your home printing some is by picking up some 100% recycled paper.

There are a few companies making “green” home printers (the machines themselves), but they’re not quite what I wish they were. The one I have is the Canon MP560, and it’s a great printer! I just wish there were vegetable-based inks available.

How do you guys make sure your printed materials are as low-impact as possible?

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