Global Warming Facts and a Fantastical Chart

I normally try to save hot topics (get it? HOT topics?) like global warming for some of the other places I write, but I ran across several articles this week that just felt like they needed sharing.

Snowy Frog

It’s been a snowy, cold winter here in the U.S., and of course that means lots of jokes about us kicking that global warming problem. The thing is, this was the fourth warmest January on record worldwide. Weather is not the same as climate. While weather looks at conditions tomorrow, climate refers to larger overall trends, and the larger trend is warmer each year.

Joe over at Climate Progress posted this informative video outlining the science behind climate change, and I wanted to share it here, as well:

So why is there even a debate? If the science in the video is sound and things are getting warmer, what are folks arguing about it?

It’s about money. Earlier this week, Climate Progress posted an informative chart showing groups on either side of the climate “debate.” All of the groups who say manmade warming is a fraud are special interest groups that get their funding from oil, natural gas, coal, and other special interests. These are companies who’s bottom line would be hit the hardest if we were to make a concerted effort and act. Want to see the whole list? I highly recommend heading over to Climate Progress for a peek.

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