Friday Roundup: Garden Party

Spring is so close I can smell it, y’all. I am so ready to hang out back with a glass of wine, play some Scrabble, and enjoy our beautiful garden! How awesome would these lovelies look around the yard?

Clockwise from the top left you’re lookin’ at:

So, let’s keep the springy momentum going! Tell me about your garden plans. We’re going to start our veggie seeds this weekend, thanks to a bucket of starting mix from our pals Kip and Brian.

4 comments on “Friday Roundup: Garden Party
  1. @Marilyn – Any time you want to play some backyard Scrabble, just let me know!

    @Patti – Aw, so cool! It sounds like you have a lovely flower garden going!

  2. Me, too, Marilyn! Love those markers!

    I am looking forward to my very first batch of peonies sprouting up. This weekend I am planting my dinnerplate dahlia bulbs! So excited!

  3. OMG I LOVE those silverware garden markers. WANT.

    Also, I think I forgot to vote when you were asking about it, but I love Friday roundups, especially when they’re about hanging out in the springtime!

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