Shop Talk: Getting Media Coverage for Your Work

A few folks have asked about this recently, so I wanted to share some thoughts on getting media coverage for your work. I’ve had the good fortune to get some really nice press coverage over the years, and I hope these tips can help you get your name out there, too!

First off, I have a confession: I have never written a press release in my life. If you want to learn about writing press releases, my awesome pal Christy Petterson has excellent tips on putting one together over at Get Crafty. Christy has been working in PR for years and years, and that girl can write a press release like nobody’s business!

A few times, I’ve very informally submitted new products to design blogs that I follow. There’s a post over at Design Sponge that has really awesome tips for submitting your work to blogs. As someone who receives submissions from folks, I’ve got to say that the best thing you can do is include a couple of beautiful photos with your email. You are eleventy billion times more likely to get picked up if you include photos. It doesn’t hurt to have a really quotable description of your product. Make it easy for the blogger to write about you!

Right, so I’ve never written a press release and really only submitted to blogs a few times, so what’s with all the good press? It is all about relationships.

The vast majority of the time, when media folks approach me to do a profile or an article, they’ve found me through my blog, some other blog I write for, social media, or friends of friends. It’s totally organic. If I’m excited about something I’m working on, I tweet about it or write a post on my site or talk about it with friends. It’s not a forced thing…it’s just sharing that joy that comes with having an idea you’re excited about.

That doesn’t mean you should tweet/Facebook/blog/talk up every time you make something new. All of this stuff is about community and real relationships. Folks can tell when you’re really excited about something, and it’s tiresome to click on a twitter feed or visit a blog that’s all updates about what someone is selling. People want to get to know you!

Community is a powerful thing. I believe really strongly that if you reach out, meet folks, and get involved in the conversation, great things will happen. And it won’t even feel like work.

I actually feel all warm and fuzzy just talking about it!

Image Credit: Creative Commons photo by r1c3y

4 comments on “Shop Talk: Getting Media Coverage for Your Work
  1. This is such a great post! I can practically see you smiling, you can tell you really love what you do. I also appreciate how you stress how natural it is, I think that shines through. And you are right – it is all about relationships!

    ps. I finally added your blog to my blogroll! I was SHOCKED that it wasn’t on there before. I’m so sorry for the ridiculous oversight!

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