Upcycled Can be Beautiful

Man, sometimes I love just randomly browsing on Flickr. Yesterday, I ran across this lovely illustration:

It’s from the 2009 Upcycle Exchange, and there are a bunch more on Teresa Stanton’s Flickr, if you want to check them out.

Upcycle Exchange is a pretty cool idea! Former Crafting a Green World lead writer Autumn Wiggins started the project:

…aimed at initiating a cradle-to-cradle inspired production concept for the indie craft community. The basic premise is that customers can receive incentives, such as discounts on merchandise or other perks, when they collect and donate materials that crafters use to create handmade merchandise. Micro-manufacturers have formed a vast network both on the internet and in their communities over the past 10 years, and have enjoyed an explosion of popularity through local events and online shops. In light of the endlessly varied aesthetic tastes and resourcefulness of these well-connected cottage industries, we think they exhibit a huge potential to absorb over-consumption, and serve as a model for producing more sustainable domestic goods.

Cool, right? I’d love to see something like this in Atlanta!

Image Credit: Creative Commons image by Teresa Stanton

4 comments on “Upcycled Can be Beautiful
  1. Definitely hit me up, Marilyn! You should def. come to MST next week – I have your Cup Glove all wrapped up for you. Also, I miss you and all the MST folks would love to see you, too, I’m sure!

  2. So! I’m working on a project at work for Earth Day (in two weeks and a day!) in which we’re going to have a contest for the most creative and the most useful things that people or teams make primarily out of stuff that would normally get trashed. I’ve totally been using your blog for tons of inspiration pics, but I should talk to you soon and see if you have any other cool ideas — I think I should maybe come to MST next week and finally get my sweet black paisley coffee sleeve toooooo!

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