Sushi Cupcakes! My little sister is a genius!

My little sister, Amanda, made these sushi cupcakes - aren't they awesome??

My little sister, Amanda, made these sushi cupcakes – aren’t they awesome??

They were for a friend’s birthday at a sushi restaurant, and the owner was so impressed he asked if they did catering! Amanda didn’t use a vegan recipe, but I’m sure the Golden Vanilla Cupcakes with Vanilla Buttercream Frosting from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World would work just as well. Here’s how Amanda says she made these amazing dessert sushi cupcakes (and a few more photos!):

How to Make Sushi Cupcakes

Ingredients + Supplies


1. Cut the cupcakes in circles, either freehand or using a biscuit cutter.

2. Ice your cupcakes, then roll them in long pearlized white sprinkles. You just made your “sushi rice.”

3. Use fondant to make the fish, wasabi, and ginger. Color the fondant accordingly (green for wasabi or avocado, pink/orange for the fish and ginger). The sashimi looking ones were the same, just cut in a rectangle.

4. Serve your sushi cupcakes on a sushi boat. How fun!

I hope she’ll make a vegan version of her sushi cupcakes for me next time I’m in town!

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  5. Fondant is used to fill or coat cakes and whatnot. Usually, you can find it in sheets in the baking aisle. I’ve also seen it at Michael’s in their baking section. Amanda mentioned that she might try marzipan next time, which is similarly moldable but also delicious (it’s made of almonds!). Marzipan often comes in a tube and you can mold it like clay.

  6. i’m going to just say that these are probably the greatest cupcakes ever made!! could prolly use coconut for the outside as well if that’s your thing!!

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