Eating Vegan: A Bunch of Questions

Over at Eat.Drink.Better, I’ve been working on a series about vegan eats and I need your help! I feel like I’ve covered the areas that were tough for me…things like chocolate, cheese, and milk. It would be really fun to continue the series, but I want to make sure the information remains valuable. Maybe you guys have some suggestions!

Do you have any roadblocks when it comes to vegan eats?

If you’re vegan now, was there something that was particularly tough for you to give up, work around, or replace?

Are there nutritional concerns that I didn’t address?

Is there some glaring omission to the series that you want to share with me?

In case you’re not following the series over there, I’ve got a little roundup of the Eating Vegan posts that are up so far. If you have a minute to comment here or over at Eat.Drink.Better, I’d love to hear from you!

5 comments on “Eating Vegan: A Bunch of Questions
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  2. My biggest roadblock is eating vegan at restaurants. It’s not so much the social implications, but the availability. I know it’s easier some places than others, too.

  3. I have a vegetarian friend and she told me she doesn’t eat jello or gummy bears because some gelatin is made from bone marrow. Is there a vegan friendly alternative?

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