Tutorial: Make a Paper Crane Mobile for Your Desk

Tutorial: Make a Paper Crane Desktop Mobile

It’s been ages since I made one of these paper crane mobiles, but yesterday was rough, and folding paper cranes always eases my mind.

Our cat – Molly – is at the vet because she’s been losing weight really quickly. They’re running tests, and we’re waiting to hear back on her progress. I hope these lucky cranes send some luck and health her way!

Cranes traditionally symbolize luck, health, and long life. Any time things aren’t going so hot, my fingers get itchy to fold some paper cranes. These desktop mobiles make great gifts, or you could make one to add a little luck to your very own life!

Make a Paper Crane Mobile

Tutorial: Make a Paper Crane Desktop Mobile

1. Gather you tools.

  • origami or scrap paper cut into 3″ squares
  • scrap wood or wooden plaque
  • paint (optional)
  • hammer and small nail
  • needle and thread
  • 3 small beads
  • white glue
  • 1 piece of floral wire

2. Fold it.

Tutorial: Make a Paper Crane Desktop Mobile

First, you’ll need to fold yourself four paper cranes. You could use origami paper, if you have some handy, or get creative! Maybe round up some junk mail or security envelopes for the paper?

3. Make the base.

Tutorial: Make a Paper Crane Desktop Mobile

For the base, you could use a piece of scrap wood or one of those wooden plaques from the craft store. You can leave the wood natural or paint the base the color of your choice!

Once the paint is dry, take your hammer and nail. Gently hammer the nail in on top of the wood on the left, about 1/2″ from the edge, and pull the nail back out. Do the same on the right.

4. Create the arc.

Tutorial: Make a Paper Crane Desktop Mobile

Put a dab of white glue into each nail hole, then take your floral wire and gently bend it into an arc. Stick the ends into the nail holes and press to make sure they’re seated well.

Use the palm of your hand to very gently press the arc so that it’s slightly flattened on top (like in the picture above there).

You’ll want to let this dry before hanging your cranes.

5. Hang the cranes.

You’re going to hang three of these little guys with your thread and glue the fourth to the base. To hang the cranes, thread your needle, then stick the needle through the bottom of the first crane. Tie a bead to the thread that’s sticking out of the bottom of the crane, so it won’t pull through, then tie the top piece to your wire arc wherever you like. Trim off any excess thread, and rub a little white glue on the top thread to keep the crane in place.

Repeat this for the other two cranes, hanging them at different heights.

Tutorial: Make a Paper Crane Desktop Mobile

Finally, put a small amount of white glue on the bottom of the remaining crane, and place him on the piece of wood wherever you like.

Voila! A lovely little lucky mobile for your desk!

Tutorial: Make a Paper Crane Desktop Mobile

Edit: We heard back from the vet late last night, and the results were in the grey area. She needs to go back in a month to see if she’s still losing weight. Keep your fingers crossed for our (formerly) fat cat! She’s at a healthy weight now, so I hope she just is getting healthy!

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  2. I was delighted to find this tutorial. Always meant to look for a book in the library but never go around to it. I would love to make paper craines, so thank you very much for this. Brenda Hunter.

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