Friday Roundup: Things for Kitties


We had a sort of yucky day of waiting on Wednesday after taking our cat Molly to the vet. They apparently don’t call with test results until after 7pm, and we didn’t hear back until after 9! She’s been losing weight, which could be a good thing because she was too heavy for her frame at 16 pounds. Now she’s 11 pounds, and the vet tested her thyroid function.

The results came back slightly elevated, and the vet said that is sort of a grey area. So now, we wait. In 30 days, we are taking her in again to get weighed and tested. If she’s lost more weight it could be very bad. If she’s maintaining, it probably means Agnes, our other cat, is getting a little more aggressive about food. The latter would be great, because Agnes was a little too skinny, and Molly is now at a healthy weight.

In conclusion, I’ve been a little bit worried about my cat, and I wish I could lavish her with toys and treats like these:

Clockwise from the top left, you’re lookin’ at:

So freaking cute!

6 comments on “Friday Roundup: Things for Kitties
  1. Awe… best wishes to Molly (and you guys). Catnip is such a great way to perk up an under the weather feline, and these toys are adorable. I too am sure you could whip up some awesome custom toys in minutes <3

  2. So sorry to hear about Molly, Becky. But even if she does have a thyroid problem, just know that with proper meds, she can still live a long, happy life with you, Dave and Agnes!

  3. We have tons and tons of catnip if you need some. I’m sure you could whip her up a couple of great catnip toys yourself in minutes. (The good thing is that cats don’t really care much about looks, so you don’t have to do much more than take a holey sock, fill with catnip and maybe another old sock and tie a knot in it. Or add some beans or old rice for weight. Instant, but much uglier, cat toy. :-)

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