How To: Make Your Own Brown Sugar

home made brown sugar

While I was at the Kirkwood Spring Fling this past weekend, my wonderful husband schemed us an awesome grilled dinner. He was mid-marinade when he realized we were totally out of brown sugar and called me up to see if I had some stashed anywhere he hadn’t thought to look. I did not, but! I did remember seeing a recipe for making your own brown sugar from scratch and suggested he do a little googling.

Guess what? You totally can make brown sugar, and it’s easy and delicious!

He turned up this brown sugar recipe on Thrifty Fun, and it worked great. How lucky that we had molasses and white sugar on hand!

I topped some warm peaches and almond milk with a little granola and some of the leftovers for dessert, and it was delicious. It almost tasted like peach pie!

We stored it overnight in a mug in the fridge, which was definitely not the best method. The molasses hardened and it was pretty much impossible to spoon it into his coffee the next morning. It softened back up at room temperature, though, and a little stir made it as good as new! We’re storing it in a little airtight container in the pantry now.

3 comments on “How To: Make Your Own Brown Sugar
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  2. I ran out of brown sugar and made some with molasses and white sugar. I was so proud :)

    I use a terra cotta disc in my brown sugar to keep it soft. I’m sure it would work with the homemade stuff too.

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