Fennel and Walnut Pesto Potato Salad and the Last LOST

Yesterday was the last LOST, and we had folks over starting at 6:30 for a potluck and drinks while we watched the 2 hour recap episode and the 2.5 hour finale. It was a lot of TV. The recap was sort of….lackluster. I thought the fan letters were really cheesy, and the cast interviews didn’t really add much value. We mostly gabbed and ate during that part.

A few folks were disappointed in the episode, too, but I really dug it! My only wish is that they’d worked in something about Aaron or the whole fertility thing. That felt like quite a big thread to leave hanging. The episode was great, though – funny and sentimental. It was everything I love about LOST, and I can’t wait to rewatch it! What did you guys think?

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I really wanted to make a themed side dish but just completely ran out of time. Sunday morning, I was in Asheville after the Montford Music and Arts Fest, so I basically drove into town, whipped something up, and then people started showing up for the finale. The inspiration for this potato salad was the beautiful fennel that came in our Vegetable Husband baskets last week, and I thought the salad came out delightfully!

Fennel and Walnut Pesto Potato Salad
1/2c fennel leaves, chopped
1/4c walnuts, ground in the food processor
1/4c olive oil
1/4c Veganaise
1/4c nutritional yeast
1 clove garlic, minced
salt and black pepper, to taste

3 potatoes, baked however you like, cut into 1″ cubes

In a large bowl, combine everything except for the potatoes, mixing really well.

Fold in the potatoes carefully, tossing them to coat evenly with the sauce.

Chill for at least 15 minutes before serving.

This was excellent with the gingery jerk tempeh and veggies that my friend Ally made! I don’t know exactly what she did to make the veggie marinade, but it was spicy and delicious!

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6 comments on “Fennel and Walnut Pesto Potato Salad and the Last LOST
  1. That looks SO yummy! I’ve been wanting to make potato salad for a while now, you’ve given me the push I need.

    I watched the first 2 seasons of Lost back when they originally aired, but stopped completely after that. After all these years, hearing spoilers, etc, etc, and the general disappointment of most of the fans, I’m wondering whether I should go back and watch it again. I mean, I kind of know what happens so I wonder if it would be worth it.

  2. I loved the ending to LOST. I thought it was fitting. I can’t believe I didn’t pick up on Christian Shepard until Kate laughed at his name. DUH! The very end made even more sense once I Googled the definitions of Dharma and karma. Again big fat clue staring me in the face for 6 years.

  3. I LOVED LOST. I too thought the recap letters were a bit cheesy but did enjoy the interviews, just to see more of the actors personalities. The ending, while did in a Lost way still leave questions. LOVED IT! Very sentimental.

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