Hello Craft ‘s 2010 Summit of Awesome is Coming!

You guys, the Summit of Awesome is coming up fast…are you getting excited? I can’t believe it’s been a year since Christy and I hit the road to attend last year’s conference in DC.

The 2010 Summit of Awesome is in Portland, Oregon, and I’m speaking on the green crafting panel again!

Here are some deets:

The Summit of Awesome is three days of business and technical education seminars as well as hands-on workshops. Seminar topics range from how to organize craft fairs and develop successful product lines to teaching crafters how to prepare taxes and form LLC’s. A special addition to this year’s Summit is the “Show of Awesome,” a 40-vendor craft show on Saturday, June 19, at Doug Fir Lounge. This year’s Summit is co-produced by its event partners and PDX craft superstars, Crafty Wonderland and DIY Lounge.

The fancy animated graphic up there gives you a good idea of who all is going to be speaking, but here are some of the folks I’m super-excited to check out:

  • Jamie Chan from Urban Fauna Studio, who was on the green crafting panel with me last year. This year, she’s going to talk about craft fair organizing!
  • Christine Claringblod from Eye Pop Art, who is on the same panel as I am this year.
  • Sister Diane of Crafty Pod fame.
  • Heidi Kenney from My Paper Crane! Aaaah!
  • Christy Petterson of a. bardis. AKA: my traveling companion and all around awesome crafty star!
  • Stephanie Weber from Scrap Action, who is also on the panel with me and totally rocks.

The Summit runs from June 16-18th, and I can’t wait to get there! The green crafting panel is on the 16th at 3:30pm, and I’m doing a demo on how to make your very own Cup Glove at 11am on the 18th.

Want to see the other awesome speakers and events? You can check out the full Summit of Awesome schedule over at Hello Craft.

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