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Brewing your own kombucha is a bit of a time commitment, but with store bought bottles going for around $4 apiece, you can save a bundle by making it at home!

Kombucha tea is touted for its health benefits. In addition to being an alkaline beverage, it’s rich in B vitamins and in vitamin C.

Brewing kombucha is a bit of a time commitment, but with bottles going for around $4 apiece, you can save a bundle by making home brewed kombucha tea.

Kombucha has a sort of tangy flavor and a little bit of carbonation. The taste almost reminds me of a super tangy lemonade with a vinegar edge, though it takes a little bit of getting used to.

My pal Mike Lieberman was kind enough to send me a SCOBY which is the colony of beneficial bacteria that you need to start your kombucha. If you don’t have a generous friend to help you out, a friend of mine from Folksy Brewsrecommended Gem Cultures for buying a starter.

I used Mike’s kombucha recipe, and it came out wonderfully! He says to let it brew for 10-14 days, and mine tasted great after 11. To check if your kombucha is ready, just taste a bit of the liquid. It should have a nice, tangy flavor, and the scoby should be floating on top.

A serving of kombucha is quite small – just a couple of ounces. Don’t drink too much, because it can upset your stomach. Two to three ounces once a day should really do the trick.

My scoby didn’t reproduce, unfortunately, but they often will. An extra scoby means that you can share the kombucha love with someone else who wants to get started brewing!

Not feeling adventurous? Your local co-op or natural food store should stock ready made kombucha.

Have any of you guys tried your hand at brewing kombucha tea? We’d love to hear about it in the comments!

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4 comments on “Home Brewed Kombucha Tea
  1. Woah, 16oz a day! I’d read closer to 4oz. Maybe I need to do a bit more reading…I’m new to this kombucha thing, and that serving size would definitely make it easier to finish the gallon I brewed! I’ve been giving bottles away all week. haha

  2. I just started making my own kombucha as well! Its so fun to attempt as I was paying waaaaay too much at Whole Foods for GT’s. I’m using the same glass jar that’s in your picture. LOL! From what I have read, the recommended amount to drink a day is 16 oz… I have been drinking about 8oz every AM. Good luck on your brewing!!

  3. Awesome!! Let me know how it goes – I was so happy that my first batch turned out! A gallon is a LOT of kombucha. I’m trying to give some away, there’s so much!

  4. Oh! I’ve been dying to get my hands on a scoby… thanks so much for the etsy link. Should have guessed to look there!

    I am really pumped about trying to make my own kombucha! Great to know yours turned out well :)

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