Kitchen DIY: Home Brewed Kombucha Tea

My pal Mike Lieberman was kind enough to send me a “scoby,” which is the colony of beneficial bacteria that you need to start your kombucha. The process is sort of long, but it’s not complicated at all. Most of the time involved isn’t active time, it’s things like waiting for the tea to cool or letting the mixture brew.

Want to hear a bit more about my kombucha adventure? Check it out over at Eat Drink Better.

If you want to skip right to the good stuff, you can find the recipe I used on Simply Raw Recipes.

Have any of you guys tried brewing kombucha? I’m really pleased with how mine came out! If you don’t have a generous friend to help you out, Wells of Health on Etsy sells the kombucha starter.

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4 comments on “Kitchen DIY: Home Brewed Kombucha Tea
  1. Woah, 16oz a day! I’d read closer to 4oz. Maybe I need to do a bit more reading…I’m new to this kombucha thing, and that serving size would definitely make it easier to finish the gallon I brewed! I’ve been giving bottles away all week. haha

  2. I just started making my own kombucha as well! Its so fun to attempt as I was paying waaaaay too much at Whole Foods for GT’s. I’m using the same glass jar that’s in your picture. LOL! From what I have read, the recommended amount to drink a day is 16 oz… I have been drinking about 8oz every AM. Good luck on your brewing!!

  3. Awesome!! Let me know how it goes – I was so happy that my first batch turned out! A gallon is a LOT of kombucha. I’m trying to give some away, there’s so much!

  4. Oh! I’ve been dying to get my hands on a scoby… thanks so much for the etsy link. Should have guessed to look there!

    I am really pumped about trying to make my own kombucha! Great to know yours turned out well :)

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