Thoughts From the Summit: The Crafty Community

I’m back from Portland, and I’ve got to tell you I’m pretty much reeling with inspiration and ideas after the amazing Summit of Awesome! My camera cable is MIA, so I can’t share any of my pictures yet, but I nabbed this one of the green crafting panel I was on from my trusty traveling companion, Christy.

The week was a little bit of a sensory overload, and I’m still processing everything I learned. I hit up a couple of great sessions with Caitlin Phillips about craft shows and learned a ton. In fact, I’ve been working this week on a brand new display that I’m hoping to roll out at least partially at the LRBN Pop Up Show next week!

Today, I thought I’d try to put words to some of the things I got out of the panel on Crafting Community.

If there’s one thing Portland has going for it, it’s a rock solid creative community. You can just feel it when you’re walking around, and at the Summit that was amplified all week long. It got me thinking about the creative community here in Atlanta, and what I wish we had versus what we have now.

Atlanta is a pretty sprawled city, and that means creative types are as spread out as the neighborhoods are. I really think that we could have a strong creative network like I saw last week if we could find ways to pull together.

Atlanta Skyline. Screenprint Design by a.bardis

Christy Petterson and Shannon Mulkey are doing an amazing job with this by organizing the Indie Craft Experience, and I think that with a little more love we could really make things great!

It felt like we were close to getting there with the Atlanta Craft Mafia, but I almost feel like it was too structured in a way, if that makes any sense? We need something a little looser, a little more accessible. My notebook from the Summit is full of ideas about how to make that happen.

I’d like to organize a crafty meetup, and I’ve got a pretty good idea of what I want it to look like. I’m throwing it out there, because sometimes things get busy for me and ideas like this fall to the wayside. I hope that putting it down here encourages me to follow through.

Do any of you guys live in areas with tight knit crafty communities? I’d love to hear about what you think is working!

[Additional Image Credit: Atlanta Skyline Screenprint photo by princessinabox]

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