Friday Roundup: Here Comes SUMMER!

If the sweltering temperatures outside are any indication, it is officially, 100% SUMMER. The hot Georgia weather was a little bit of a shock after 5 days of Juneuary in Portland, but now I’m feeling pretty acclimated and thinking about fun, summery things! Pic nics! Bumble bees! Bright colors!

Today, I’m rounding up some lovely summery picks from Team Eco Etsy and Team Etsy Veg! Check it:

You’re lookin’ at:

  1. A Green Mandala Record Bowl from Eye Pop Art.
  2. Sewn Natural’s handmade girl’s dress.
  3. Also from Sewn Natural, a sweet little felted bumble bee.
  4. Creamsicle Beehive Mugs by Karin Lorenc.
  5. A precious Bird Pin from Vegancraftastic.
  6. Yet another find from Sewn Natural, an upcycled picnic blanket.

Do you guys have any fun, summery plans in the works? We’re scheming a beach vacation with some friends. I can’t wait!

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