Friday Roundup: Cupcakes, Cupcakes, Cupcakes!

So, I’m sure you guys know that I’m what you might call a “fan” of cupcakes. Heck, I make aprons with gigantic cupcakes as the pocket! It turns out there are lots of awesome Etsians making recycled cupcake goodies! Here are just a few:

You’re drooling over:

  1. Recycled Felt Cupcakes by Little Fluff Stuff
  2. Cupcake Letterpress Stationery printed on reclaimed cotton paper by Missive
  3. Tea Wallet made from reclaimed fabric by Recupefashion
  4. Original Cupcake Painting on reclaimed wood by Modern Figurative
  5. Cupcake Ring made from a reclaimed miniature by Oblue
  6. Green Tea Cupcake Magnet made from a recycled sodapop can by Funky Junq
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