Reuse Inspiration: Upcycled Junk Mail Projects

paper tube starburst

As much as I try to cut back on junk mail, it seems to be a fact of life. Even after doing everything I can do opt out, marketers still seem to find a way to get their garbage into our mailbox. Rather than get frustrated, you can use all of that free paper for some crafty projects!

I’m totally in love with this paper starburst by Elizabeth Abernathy (pictured above). You make lots of paper tubes, then string them together and add a center piece to turn all of that junky paper into wall art!

Junk mail also makes pretty great origami paper. You can fold a paper crane to embellish a wrapped gift, or string lots of folded shapes together into a sweet garland! If you want to get a little more involved, try your hand at whipping up a paper crane desktop mobile.

I also have this picture in my head of a paper cut mobile, where you cut out simple shapes and glue stick them together, sandwiching some fishing line in between. Then, string them onto a circular piece of cardboard and hang from the ceiling. How sweet would that be in your kiddo’s room or a crafty studio? You could do any shapes you wanted, from hearts or letters to fancier things like dinosaurs or abstract shapes.

Do you guys have any favorite paper crafts that would work well with junk mail? Any of you scrap bookers want to weigh in on whether junk mail makes good scrap booking paper? I’m not sure about its acidity.

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  3. I white out the address and who will pay for it. I put stamps over the postage paid part. (I am a recycler, not a thief.) I white out the routing code on the bottom. I put a label over my messy white out. But the man at the PO said those black stripes under where the stamp is may send it to the wrong address. is this true? Is what I am doing reasonable??

  4. Ohman, YES! I totally forgot to include junk mail envelopes in this post. I love all the inside designs on them,

    Do you have a pic of your snowflakes? I bet they were lovely!

  5. I used junk mail envelopes to make snowflakes. I hung them in my windows during the holidays.

    Most of the time I shred junk mail and add it to my compost bin for carbons. I don’t have access to grass clippings.

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