Friday Roundup: Handmade Cosmetics

Yesterday, I talked a little bit (ok, ranted a little bit) about cosmetics. Annie Leonard’s Story of Cosmetics came out this week, and it goes into the toxic ingredients in those store bought beauty products and even touches on the unrealistic standard of beauty that we’re accosted with.

Rather than rant about it more, I thought I’d round up some awesome handmade cosmetics that aren’t chock full of toxins!

You’re lookin’ at:

  1. Inner Strength Lip Balm by Anarchy in Beauty
  2. Home Made Sugar Scrub
  3. Home Made Deodorant by Angry Chicken
  4. Organic Whipped Body Creme from Strawberry Hedgehog
  5. Baking soda and vinegar, the key elements for shampoo-free hair care

Do you guys have any favorite recipes for safe cosmetics? I’m always on the lookout to replace store bought beauty supplies with ones I make myself!

4 comments on “Friday Roundup: Handmade Cosmetics
  1. Thanks, Becky!! I am flattered to be included :c) I have a set of makeup I am super happy with.. I’ll have to do a post soon and give you a link!

  2. Are there any good options for natural makeup? I feel like I have a good handle on natural skin care and cleansing, but it’s makeup itself that seems to present a huge challenge :/

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