The Well Stocked Craft Room

Craft Supplies

A well stocked craft room makes it so much easier to dive into projects at a moment’s notice!

Just like stocking your kitchen with spices, condiments, and tools, a good crafty stash has certain essential components no matter what you’re making. Whether you’ve got a whole room dedicated to crafting or just a small amount of space, these are some building blocks for any crafty space.

Two Good Pairs of Scissors

Why two pairs? It’s best to have a pair for paper and one for fabric. I think I got this from my mom, but I am pretty loyal to Fiskars for all my scissory needs. These soft grip scissors are the sort that I use for cutting fabric. The cushion helps keep my fingers from getting blisters when I have a lot to do.

You don’t have to splurge as much on paper scissors, most likely. Something like these regular ol’ Fiskars should do just fine for your basic paper-cutting needs.

Sewing Needles and Thread

Even if sewing isn’t your main craft, it helps to have an assortment of needles and thread on hand for mending or mixed media adventures! Something like this sewing kit is just perfect. It even comes with a seam ripper, in case you make a mistake!

As far as thread goes, you can keep it basic with just some black and white, multi-purpose to start. If a project strikes your fancy, you can always pick up fun colored sorts later on.


No craft stash is complete without a bottle of white glue. Not only is white glue essential for all sorts of craft projects, you can thin it with water to make mod podge for decoupage and collage projects!

Hot glue is amazing stuff. It dries much faster than white glue and forms a strong bond. A hot glue gun and a pack of glue refills are key to all sorts of crafty endeavors!

Glue sticks are great for gluing paper to paper without bubbles or wrinkles.

Paint and Brushes

Acrylic paint is probably your most versatile option. Look for paints that are low- or no-VOC to make sure your projects are eco-friendly, too! If you don’t mind mixing your own, these paints are organic and use plant dyes like beet and blueberries!

Of course, you’ll need some brushes to apply all of that paint. A simple set of brushes in various sizes will ensure that you have a brush size for most projects that you run across.


We’ve all heard the joke that you could probably save the world with duct tape. The stuff is magical. It even comes in super fun colors now, so you don’t have to worry about hiding your tape job. Heck, there are even project that completely center on duct tape!

Masking tap is key to getting nice, clean lines when you’re painting or protecting your work when you’re trying to apply glue to one area of a project but not another.

Rolls of clear Scotch tape and double sided tape are great additions to your craft stash, too.

Storage, Storage, Storage!

Whether you thrift or buy new, you’re going to need places to keep all of your supplies! You might want to install some wall-mounted shelves or invest in a book case.

The other important thing to keep in mind when it comes to crafty storage is that you want a place for everything, and you want to be able to find things quickly. If you’re using opaque containers, label them, so you’ll know at a glance what’s inside. Something like this recycled plastic storage bin will help keep all of those supplies organized, or east to pack up for a to-go project.

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