Vegan Nutella

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vegan nutella

Oh my goodness, you guys! I made nutella, and it was vegan! Not only that, it was delicious, easy, and used only four ingredients!

I followed this nutella recipe from Su Good Sweets, though I like my nutella a bit less sweet, so I halved the sugar. I also only had 1c of hazelnuts, so I halved the recipe.

Here’s how it went down:

1c toasted hazelnuts
2T cocoa powder
1/4c powdered sugar
1T vegetable oil

She was so right about blending up the hazelnuts. It was sort of amazing to watch! I ground them up into a meal and thought there was no way they could get more ground than they were. Thanks to Su’s encouragement, though I kept processing and ended up with smooth, creamy hazelnut butter.

I was tempted to stop there, because hazelnut butter seems pretty darn decadent on its own, but I also had a craving for nutella on toast, so I went on.

Once the hazelnuts were totally smooth, I scraped the butter out of the food processor and stirred in the rest of the ingredients, making sure to mix them really well.

nutella on toast

All of that whizzing in the food processor leaves things on the warm side, and the spread firms up once it cools. I couldn’t resist spreading some right onto a piece of toasted oatmeal bread for dessert with a glass of almond milk! YUM!

I haven’t had nutella since quitting dairy, so I’m pretty excited to have a jar full of the stuff in the fridge! I’m going to eat some with a banana for breakfast right now!

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2 comments on “Vegan Nutella
  1. Thank you so much. My husband buys Nutella and my daughter is allergic to dairy so she gets so bummed. I can not wait to make this for her. She is going to be over the moon. <3

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