5 Questions With T. Hein Originals


Theresa Hein of T. Hein Originals makes beautiful art pieces and accessories using found and vintage materials. I just love her romantic assemblages!

1. Tell me about how you got started crafting.
I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t crafting! When we were kids, I have 11 brothers and sisters, our mom always had us making something. Every Christmas we drew names and the rule was that at least part of your gift had to be handmade. I loved that rule and loved to see what everyone came up with. Then when we all went camping she would have us paint on rocks, with markers or maybe nail polish… whatever was handy, or we would create things from what we could find in the campground. To this day one of my favorite things to do when we take our children camping is to bring along some supplies and sit at the picnic table early in the morning and create.

2. What draws you to eco-friendly materials?
I would have to say that I am drawn to eco- friendly materials because they tell a story. The old photos I use and the bits of rusty keys, faded ribbon, and vintage materials all add their own history to what I am making. It becomes it’s own story full of the past lives of the materials. I know that almost (maybe not even almost) sounds weird but I have a thing for all things old and am instantly drawn to them. Besides is there really a better way to recycle? Something that would have been thrown in the trash or overlooked because of rust or a broken piece is saved from the dump and made to be something of beauty!


3. What inspires you?
Usually the vintage item I find just kind of brings me the idea of what it will become. I look at something I have found at a yard sale for instance and before I buy it I come up with ideas that it will transform into. I am inspired by the artifact itself and how it will make someone feel when the piece is finished.

4. Who are your crafty heroes?
I gotta say my crafty heroes are anyone who dares to push past the fear of rejection or the feeling that people won’t like their art and do it anyway! I think everyone has a creative side and many times when we are young the inner artist in us is squashed by adults who are afraid to let their own light shine, or maybe take art so seriously that maybe it loses it’s fun or childlike freedom for them. So people who push past all of that are my heroes.

5. Where can folks find your work?
My work can be found on my blog that’s where you can find things I make for our home like the table I made by repurposing an unused dock or a chandelier from an old bait bucket. My artwork for sale can be found at THeinOriginals.etsy.com.

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