5 Questions with Shabby N Chic

5 Questions

Crafter Jody of Shabby N Chic creates lovely upcycled housewares from vintage finds. Pop into her shop, and you’ll find a nice selection of vintage goodies up for grabs, too! I especially love her cupcake stands, like the one pictured above.

1. Tell me about how you got started crafting.

I started crafting in my early teen years when I would buy unfinished shelves and other small items and paint them. My mother is quite crafty, so I think I got it from her.

2. What draws you to eco-friendly materials?

I love reusing things and so many vintage items are built well, but maybe not always in great shape or attractive. Rather than purchasing something new, I prefer well-made pieces and refinishing or painting them. It’s eco-friendly twice over – reusing something rather than buying a new item and because of the quality of many older pieces, they will last longer and not need to be replaced soon.


3. What inspires you?

I am inspired by so many things. The pieces themselves that I work on inspire me. I often decide what color to paint something based on what the piece looks like. Nature inspires me with color as well. I also love antiques, so I frequent antique shops and find that inspiring.

4. Who are your crafty heroes?

My grandmother lived through the depression and that is inspiring to me in many areas of my life. Because of that experience she became quite crafty. She was frugal and green LONG before we talked about being green. She sewed clothing for her children and grandchildren, she was an amazing cook and grew her own vegetables. She was also amazing at finding new uses for old things, making it unnecessary to purchase many new items or throw much away. That’s a hero!

5. Where can folks find your work?

My work can be found in my Etsy shop.

Are you an eco-friendly crafter? If you’d like to be interviewed as part of the 5 Questions series, just contact me!

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