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Florida-based The Wooden Bee makes lovely recycled wood creations. I love her wine cork coaster kits – what a great idea!

Bee has also been kind enough to offer a discount to Glue and Glitter readers! Check it:

I would like to extend a 15% off discount to our new online Etsy store (excludes custom orders, just inventory on etsy). Just put “Glue & Glitter” in the ‘notes to seller’ section & I will refund the discount through PayPal.

Here’s a little bit more about this awesome crafter…

1. Tell me about how you got started crafting.
It all started when I was a little girl and my grandmother taught me how to cross stitch. I fell in love with the process of creating something handmade. First, I cross stitched gifts for my elementary school teachers, and then I made jewelry for my school friends. By the time I was ready to go off to college, I was taking my easel and paint set with me. I even got a job working at an art studio during my college years. I’ve just always been involved in some sort of art or crafting. I love all the opportunities it brings. Always something new to learn, always something new to create! One of the reasons I offer DIY products is because I want to give my customers the opportunity to save and create something themselves.

2. What draws you to eco-friendly materials?
I first became concerned with the environment when my middle school science teacher explained to us how much water would be saved if we simply turned off the water while brushing our teeth! That class made me realize how important it is to take care of the Earth and its resources. I am always searching for ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle. I pride myself in using recycled products, not just recycled & reclaimed wood for The Wooden Bee, but in all aspects of life & business. I store beads and wire in recycled spinach containers, use plastic lids for paint trays, and pickle jars for paint brush storage. I even compost the saw dust from the sanding process for our garden!

artwork display

3. What inspires you?
My family has worked in and around the home construction industry all my life. I have always been alarmed at what a large amount of waste it creates. I started collecting hardware, wood, and other things that would have otherwise found themselves as landfill space. The beautiful pieces I save easily inspire me to create something new and exciting.

4. Who are your crafty heroes?
My grandmother would have to be my crafty hero for teaching me to cross stitch and therefore teaching me the act of giving something handmade to someone. It’s why I love crafting.

Some of my recent crafty heroes would be Pamela Morrow and Kari Chapin. Pamela for encouraging me to get serious & to get online with my work. She had verbal words of encouragement, but mostly she’s my crafty heroin because she set an example. Watching the creation of her plastic fused boutique, The Only Girl, was very inspiring! Kari Chapin for writing The Handmade Marketplace. I read it at a time when I was on the fence about launching The Wooden Bee. It pushed me over the edge and I worked through all the red tape this summer to begin an eco-friendly Florida business!

5. Where can folks find your work?
You can purchase products at The Wooden Bee Etsy shop and at the Garden & Gallery, a great brick and mortar store in Alachua, FL. Contact me about custom orders and visit my blog to see a portfolio of my recycled wood.

Are you an eco-friendly crafter? If you’d like to be interviewed as part of the 5 Questions series, just contact me!

10 comments on “5 Questions with The Wooden Bee
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  2. Love Bee and the fabulous work she is doing with The Wooden Bee! Everything is beautiful and so original. Great unique gift ideas!

  3. All of The Wooden Bee products are so creative, such high quality, and absolutely gorgeous!! Any purchase that you make will be an amazing addition to your home decor. The coaster sets are my favorite, followed very closely by the trivets which look beautiful hanging in the kitchen. Love Love Love The Wooden Bee and all of her incredible art!!!

  4. I love all these ideas. I have already purchased a set of the coasters and love them so much I will be ordering more as Christmas gifts.

  5. I am the grandmother who encouraged “Bee” when she was a very young girl who wanted to learn cross stitching…I was so proud of her then and even prouder of her now, as she has taken a lifetime of adding to that original piece and has become not only a beautiful designer and artist, but a dedicated green recycler. Go to her website and you will agree. So many beautiful things to have in your home and to give as gifts. You will proud of anything and everything you purchase.

  6. I love the Wooden Bee! Their products can be found in almost every room in my house.

    Their frames are beautiful! I have two original acrylic paintings framed in Wooden Bee reclaimed wood.

    My children’s artwork hangs from Wooden Bee recycled kids art hangers. They love to change out their artwork daily.

    We always have tons of wine corks left over and it is a great way to reuse them, and also showcase them as memorabilia. I have given many of their trivets as presents and people are always excited to get them. My parents just got back from a trip out to the California Wine Country, and they are going to create a trivet specifically out of corks from the wineries they visited.

    The cork coasters are my newest acquisition. I am looking forward to starting another craft project. This is so much fun! I can’t wait to see what the Wooden Bee will think of next!

  7. So functional,and fits easily in any scenerio,whether cork coasters or key organizer. My Christmas gift list will include these items built with love.

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