Easy Cooking: Leftovers Soup

veggie and tofu soup

Sometimes, no matter how well I plan, life keeps me out of the kitchen and I give in to the call of that Chinese delivery menu. This weekend Dave and I were both under the weather, and I had a craft market, so I decided to treat myself to delivery from my favorite vegan Chinese place in town: Green Sprout!

A couple of entrees, some hot and sour soup, and vegan chicken drumsticks was plenty of food for a couple of meals, and on Sunday evening there was just a bit of each entree left. That’s when Dave had a brilliant idea: why not stretch those leftovers by making them into soup?

Seriously, guys, my husband is a genius!

This meal took about 5 minutes per bowl in the microwave and was perfect after a long day at Candler Park Fest!

1c water per person
1t miso paste or your favorite broth paste per person
Chinese leftovers (I had Empire Chicken and Dave had steamed veggies with tofu)
leftover brown rice
rice vinegar, optional

To make one bowl of soup:
Grab a large soup bowl and heat the water and broth paste for 2 minutes on high in the microwave. Whisk with a fork until the broth is smooth, then add the leftover entree (sauce and all) and the rice. Heat for 2 more minutes on high, and you’re ready to serve! Add a splash of rice vinegar, if things are a bit bland.

It was so simple and tasty! The bowl with Dave’s steamed veggies and tofu let the taste of the broth really shine. The sauce from my Empire Chicken gave my soup an awesome sweet/spicy taste that was delicious with a little vinegar to add some sourness.

I love Green Sprout and would have been perfectly happy eating Empire Chicken for yet another night, but it was nice to have a little meal variety and stretch our food budget, too!

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