I Love Chattanooga! Day One and Half

We ate every bit of that sandwich and salad!

I got in late last night from a whirlwind weekend in Chattanooga! The Chatty Crafty was super duper fun, despite some serious weather on Saturday. I’m talking about wind! Shannon’s hat display kept blowing away, and our tents tried to take flight. Luckly, we’d bungee’d them to concrete blocks, so those suckers weren’t going anywhere!

This was my first time in Chattanooga, and I loved it! Shannon and I had very little trouble finding delicious vegan eats, and their downtown was as cute as can be! I’d show you the awesome scores I picked up at Leo Gallery, a vintage and handmade shop downtown, but that would spoil a certain birthday girl’s surprise, and we can’t have that, can we?

On Friday after checking in to our hotel, we headed straight to Sluggo’s so that I could make my dreams of seitan wings come true. You guys, these were out of control! The wing sauce was perfectly vinegary and spicy, and they served it with carrots, celery, and vegan ranch. YUM!

Vegan wings from Sluggo's in Chattanooga

Shannon and I split the order of wings along with one of the specials, a lentil patty melt. WOW! This sandwich was nuts: toasted sourdough bread, a huge lentil patty, vegan cheese, and vegan chili. They even spooned chili on top of the closed sandwich, so we just ate it with a knife and fork. We devoured it before I remembered to take a pictures, but you can check out our clean plate club application at the top of the post instead.

Saturday was sort of a blur of cold, wind, and crafts. The kind folks at Mojo Burrito offered free dinner to the vendors that evening, so we had tacos, vegan chili, and guac. They also had really tasty vegan chocolate chip cookies, so of course I had to snag one of those, too!

Later on, we headed to Lupi’s for some good beer and a semi-creepy interaction with some fellows sitting at the bar with us. Fella’s! If you were wondering how not to interact with a lady, here are two tips:

1. Do not ask if she’s “the kind of girl who carries ibuprofen.” What does that really mean? Anyway, I am not that kind of girl.
2. Do not take her picture without her permission, and don’t think you’re being surreptitious about it.

We also stumbled into an amazing used bookstore nearby! The owner was super crafty! She saw us admiring some of her cross stitch, and she showed us some of the other amazing crafts she and her grandchildren did. She had a loom where they wove gorgeous scarves and a spinning wheel where she made her own yarn! I could have lost half a day in this store between the gorgeous, old books and chatting with the owner.

That pretty much does it for Saturday! We were pooped by the time we got back to the hotel. I’ll post about Sunday’s eats tomorrow!

5 comments on “I Love Chattanooga! Day One and Half
  1. Haha yeah. I wonder if it’s worked in the past? Or maybe they really wanted an Advil and just asked in the creepiest possible way?

    I haven’t tried those, but you can bet I’ll be trying them as soon as possible!

  2. Oh wow, I can’t even see that working as a pick up line. *shudder*

    On a brighter side–holy delicious seitan wings! I alwyas knew seitan could fly! And I’m craving those hard core now–have you ever gotten Wingnuts’ tofu wings? They’re really good; got ’em from the Emory/Decatur location :)

  3. @Allyson – Totally creepy. They left not too long after we got there, thankfully.
    @Leigh – Oh, man! It was really good. Did you get to go to Renaissance Park? I kept fantasizing about living there during the show, since my booth had a good view of some cute places!

  4. “the kind of girl who carries ibuprofen” Haha.
    I keep missing Sluggo’s as the rare times we have found ourselves in Chattanooga, it’s on a Sunday or Monday when they’re closed!

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