Lunch-Packing Inspiration: Lunch It, Punch It

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How cool is this, you guys? A trio of friends made a pact that they’d pack their lunches 10 times before allowing themselves to eat lunch out.

I’m sure you guys know how I feel about packing your lunch. A packed lunch is healthier for you and for the planet. Rather than blow $7 on lunch at the cafeteria made from questionable ingredients, you can pack something tasty and nutritious for much less money, and reduce waste to boot!

Lunch it Punch It Cards

Lunch It, Punch It

The ladies at Lunch It, Punch It had such a great time with this challenge that they launched a whole website so that other folks could get in on the lunch-packing goodness!

They’ve got free, printable lunch punch cards that you and your friends can use to track your progress. Their site features recipes and other bits of inspiration to keep you packing your lunch, even on those days that you might not want to pull it together.

So, what do you guys think? I know the idea of packing lunch every single day is a bit daunting, but what if you were committing to just 10 days in a row, with a lunch out as the reward? I bet that, on top of that lunch out feeling extra special, you could splurge on something delicious and a bit more healthy than the usual fast food lunch.

Shameless self-promotion: If you need a little bit more lunch-packing inspiration, you can also check out my handmade Lunch Kits on Etsy!


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