5 Questions With Kootsac

Reusable produce bags from Kootsac

Reusable produce bags from Kootsac

Morgen is a fellow Eco-Etsian and an inspiring green crafter! Her Kootsacs are a brilliant replacement for disposable produce bags, and her upcycled accessories rock my socks. She was kind enough to find the time in her busy schedule to answer my 5 questions.

1. Tell me about how you got started crafting.
I have been making things with my hands ever since I can remember. As a child I made dolls out of used socks and bits of discarded fabric. I also crocheted, made art and learned how to sew from my Mom who made all of our clothing. I went on to receive a Fine Arts education in South Africa where I grew up. It was later that I became a textile artist and designer.

2. What draws you to eco-friendly materials?
A love for nature, gardening and the outdoors guided me into seeking a greener lifestyle. My Kootsac reusable bulk food bags were born out of a need to contribute something, using the skills I have, to this growing green movement. I was seeking an alternative to throwaway plastic bags when buying bulk food and produce. Four years ago there was no alternative available so I decided to design my own reusable bags. They needed to be lightweight, yet strong, reusable, washable and would fasten with a twist tie. They had to be capable of holding any bulk food item, even flour, without leakage. My preference in materials has always been for natural fibers like cotton, silk and hemp but it was ripstop nylon, lightweight and strong, which turned out to be the best material for these bags and would guarantee that they would actually be used. I also offer a natural silk and cotton alternative.

Wrist Cuff from Inky Spider

3. What inspires you?
I am absolutely inspired by nature. I grew up spending most of my life outdoors and have an intrinsic love and respect for our natural world.

4. Who are your crafty heroes?
My hero would be Angelika Werth who was my clothing design teacher. She is a Paris trained clothing designer who taught me how to design and reconstruct garments out of used clothing. She has the most amazing collection of dresses which she makes from used tents.

5. Where can folks find your work?
My Kootsac bags are available on Etsy as well as a collection of my Inkyspider textile art accessories, housewares and art. Having grown up in Africa I have a love for the marketplace and so I sell my work at many of our local markets through the summer months and in galleries and art fairs all year round.

Are you a green crafter? I’d love to interview you! Hit me up through the contact page.


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