Lunch Kit in Action: Esther’s Adorable Bento

Glue and Glitter Bento

How freaking cute is this bento lunch? I'm a little bit misty, to be honest.

One of my favorite parts of running Glue and Glitter is when customers share photos of their Lunch Kits, Cup Gloves, aprons and so on. I pour so much love into everything I design, and it’s fun to see how folks end up using my products. It’s eleventy times more awesome when they’re super-enthusiastic, so you can imagine my delight when I got the photo above in my inbox!

Last week, Esther Franklin, a customer and fellow vendor at the RAD Studio Cruise, sent me a few photos of bento lunches she packed in the Lunch Kit that she bought from me!

bento packed in a Glue and Glitter Lunch Kit

Esther is a bento fanatic, so she has a stash of cute bento boxes. You’ll notice her black bento box in a couple of the photos. I think these lunches are a great reminder that bento is about CUTE! The whole idea behind my Lunch Kits is to inspire folks to pack lunches instead of buying expensive, wasteful takeout meals, and when I see adorable evidence that it’s working like in Esther’s photos, it warms my heart right up!

Charaben bento lunch

I’m glad to know that this Lunch Kit is in good hands!

Do any of you guys have photos of Glue and Glitter products in action? I’d love to see them! It’s like running across photos of an old friend. Send me an email through the contact page, or at becky AT glueandglitter DOT com. <3

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