Inspiration Friday: Gardening Eye Candy

patio tomatoes

Remember Friday Roundups? I used to do them every week, and I sort of fell out of the habit. It feels like time to bring it back, but with a little bit of a change. Instead of plain old roundups, I’d rather treat these as inspiration boards! There’s nothing like an inspiration board to get you in a creative mood, and that’s really what I’m looking to accomplish with these roundups. Welcome to the very first Inspiration Friday!

The warmer weather has gardening on my mind lately. Since we’re renovating our house, the back yard is basically unworkable right now, and I decided that it’s time to plant some food in containers on the front porch instead! I was a little gun shy after a few very pathetic harvests, but my pal Mike Lieberman reminded me that nothing will help me get back into the swing of growing food like jumping back into it!

What better garden inspiration than a roundup of gardening eye candy, right?

Garden Inspiration Board

  1. This patio tomato did pretty well out back, though I never did get the hang of beating the squirrels to my tomatoes.
  2. I’m sort of fascinated by plant markers, and these upcycled plant markers from Daisy Chestnut are so unique and pretty!
  3. I am super tempted to try making my own upside down planter to grow tomatoes and cucumbers!
  4. This is the first salad I ever made with something I grew: two beautiful cucumbers! I diced them up and tossed them with a can of beans and some minced onion, then added Annie’s poppy seed vinaigrette. Yum!
  5. Mike’s LA patio garden is a huge inspiration for me. Mike is walking, talking proof that anyone can grow their own food, no matter how limited they are on space!

My plan this year is to start small with just a few things that are easy to grow. I’m thinking tomatoes, cucumbers, and a few sorts of herbs – maybe basil and sage? We have a rosemary plant that’s doing quite well, despite lots of neglect. I think the secret to the rosemary’s success is the Aquaglobe that Dave put in there. Instead of having to remember to water every day, I just have to fill that up from time to time.

Are you guys doing any container gardening? I’d love to hear about your garden inspiration in the comments!

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