Announcing: The Glue and Glitter Community!

Glue and Glitter community

The folks at approached me about launching a community site, and I’m so glad that they did! I’m still getting things finalized over there, but I wanted to invite you guys to jump right in!

Think of it as an eco-friendly water cooler. You can talk about and review things from vegan cookbooks to Cupcaprons and share quick tips on green crafting and vegan eats. There’s a bit of a conversation happening on the community now, and I’d love to see it grow! When you have a minute, I encourage you to click around and see what you think.

I’ve added some of my favorite craft supplies and vegan cookbooks, and I’d love to hear what you think of those! You’re also welcome to recommend things of your own or share quickie tips for crafting and cooking. I can’t wait to see what you guys recommend, review, and suggest!

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