Inspiration Friday (on a Thursday): Party Decorations

Wait, why on Thursday? Because tomorrow, this site is joining many other bloggers all over the internet in For Japan With Love’s Bloggers Day of Silence out of respect for the earthquake victims in Japan. I have to admit, I’ve felt a little bit weird talking about food and crafts while reading every day about the suffering in Japan, so I was glad to find a way to show my respect.

diy party decorations

My birthday was just yesterday, but I’m celebrating with some other fellow Pisces on Saturday night! I’ve been looking all over for crafty birthday ideas, and there are tons of handmade ways to make a birthday party extra special. Here are some of the pretty things I ran across!

DIY Party Inspiration Board

  1. Fabric scrap bunting. I made this bunting a long time ago for some friends, and since then I’ve become a little bit bunting obsessed. It’s just so cheery!
  2. Button bouquets. Little bouquets of button flowers would be such a cute party favor!
  3. Table decor. How pretty is this simple tablescape? I love how the kraft paper makes the bright, paper flowers pop. You could get a similar effect with burlap!
  4. Handmade party hats. You could make this eco-friendly by making your own fringe out of junk mail or other scrap paper, instead of using store bought tissue.
  5. Birds Nest Centerpiece. Wouldn’t these look lovely on the tables for a springtime party?

Don’t you just love planning a party? I’d love to hear about handmade decorations that you guys have made in the comments! I’ve been working on some crafty decorations for the big day, and I’ll make sure to take some photos to share with you guys!


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