Japan Earthquake Relief: Atlanta Vegan Bake Sale #lml

vegan bake sale flyer

The amazing Kristen Anderson has organized another vegan bake sale for good. Locals can hit up Criminal Records in Little Five Points this Saturday and buy some vegan baked goods! I’ve got a craft market in Woodstock on Saturday, but I’ll be sending some vegan treats in my stead. I hope you locals can make it out!

The sale is on Saturday from 12-5pm at Criminal Records and is part of the Worldwide Vegan Bake sale, too! All proceeds from the sale are going to benefit the Red Cross for Japan earthquake relief.

I talked just the other day over at Eat Drink Better about why I love being vegan, and the community is one of my favorite things. It warms my heart to see the vegan community here in Atlanta pull together to support a good cause, and it’s just another reminder that the compassion vegans talk about extends beyond animal rights.

Here’s the beautiful flyer:

vegan bake sale flyer

Feel free to share the flyer wildly! I hope you guys can make it out!


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