Inspiration Friday: More Cute Bento

vegan bento

The one thing I sort of miss about a corporate day job was packing my lunch. I know, it sounds crazy, but I love sorting out a hearty meal and making it as cute as possible! Bento lunches are all about the cute, and I’ve been running across some really adorable ones lately! Here are a few that have me nostalgic for packing lunch.

cute bento inspiration board

  1. Jessica Swift shared this awesome panda onigiri not too long ago, and I just think it’s the cutest lunch! Onigiri is a ball of sticky rice that you normally wrap in a bit of seaweed. You can also stuff onigiri with tasty fillings, like umeboshi plum or minced, stir fried veggies!
  2. This bird bento from Gamene is rocking my socks. Look at those cute little beaks!
  3. Another precious Gamene creation, don’t you love this rainbow bento? I want to eat my computer screen!
  4. Lucky Sundae‘s arodable ladybug bento that she packed for her son is rocking my socks.
  5. Of course, I had to include Esther’s awesome Glue and Glitter bento lunch, because it warms my heart every time I look at it!

Have you guys packed any cute bento lunches lately? I’d love to see photos and hear about them in the comments!

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