Inspiration Friday: Mustard Yellow

mustard yellow dining room

We’re doing some serious renovations on our house right now. Seriously, things are a mess. Last week there was drywall dust all over my life, and I had to keep my fabric extra sealed and covered. The thing that’s kept me going during the more stressful parts of this process is the prize: my very own studio! Right now, Dave and I share the spare bedroom, cramming his music stuff and my crafting stuff into one room. When the renovation is done, he’s moving his desk and instruments down the hall, and I am going to totally redo the front bedroom into the craft room of my dreams!

I have an ever-changing list of ideas for this room, but one thing is pretty much settled: I want mustard yellow walls. Mustard is my new color obsession, ever since I ran across photos of a beautiful mustard room on Calfinder (pictured above). It is ON.

mustard yellow inspiration board

  1. Of course, I had to include Emily’s mustard room from Calfinder. Also inspiring: she decorated from almost all reclaimed/revamped materials, which is one of the goals for my studio.
  2. Sakura Zippered Pouch in mustard from Karuski.
  3. Dryer Pillow Sheets 100% upcycled from t-shirt materials. ZJayne stuffs these with organic lavender!
  4. Honeycomb Card printed on FSC-certified paper from The Spotted Sparrow.
  5. Organic mustard seeds from Twig and Leaf Botanical.

So, I guess my color palette is going to be mustard yellow with teal and white accents, huh? Do you guys have a color obsession? I’d love to hear about your favorite color!

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