Are You Scared of the Kitchen?


Chances are, if you’re a regular reader here you’re probably into cooking your meals at home, but I wanted to see if that assumption was correct! How often do you cook vs. order dinner or eat out?

I meet a lot of folks who tell me they can’t cook or that they hate cooking, and I think that’s just crazytalk! When I was a kiddo, my mom used to like to say that “If you can read, you can cook,” and I think that’s great advice for someone who’s a bit gunshy about the kitchen. You don’t have to whip up fancy pants gourmet meals. You should pat yourself on the back any time you get in the kitchen and feed yourself or your family.

Just like packing lunches, cooking at home can save you money and help the planet! When you use fresh ingredients, you avoid all of the wasteful disposables that come with take out and other meals on the go. Not only that, you can control what’s going into your pot, so you can make sure that what you’re cooking up is healthy to boot.

Get in the Kitchen!

Getting into cooking is just like any new habit: starting can be the hardest part. I think the key is to just get in there and make something. It can be as simple as a pasta dish with oil and garlic or even a simple sandwich. The point is to just get in there.

The more you cook, the more you’ll get a feel for how ingredients and spices interact. I think that starting out with simple recipes and trying trickier dishes as your confidence grows is probably a good way to get comfortable in the kitchen. It’s also important to not beat yourself up if a dish goes horribly wrong. It happens to everyone, and I bet you learned something from it!

So, spill it guys! If you’re not into cooking, what’s your hesitation? Could I help with simple tips and recipes? I’d love to discuss in the comments!

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