Inspiration Friday: #lml

Love My Life #lml

It’s been a little while since I did a #lml post, but last week was pretty intense, so I think I needed to do a roundup of things that make me smile.

It seems like a lot of the folks in my life have been having a rough time of things lately, and that breaks my heart. Sure, we get hung up on the little things sometimes, but these days it seems like big things, and those are so much tougher to face. When I’m dealing with a big bad, it always helps to take some time to think about what’s good. It may not cancel out the bad, but it definitely makes it easier to handle. Here are some things that bring me joy. I’d love to hear about what makes you love your life!

#lml inspiration

  1. Kitties! Specifically, my kitties. Both of our cats were rescues, and it’s heartwarming every time they show off just for me or want so badly to be in my lap that they push away whatever I was working on.
  2. Getting active. I love my morning runs with my pal Bill, and that’s not the only sort of active I mean. It makes me feel good to do something that makes a difference, whether it’s helping out a friend or family member or participating in a day of action for a cause I care about.
  3. Cooking. Sometimes, I’ll get in the kitchen and cook food that I’m not even planning to eat right away. There’s something about pulling a dish together that really satisfies my soul, especially if I’m cooking for family or friends.
  4. Dave. My wonderful husband is kind, supportive, and hilarious. He makes me laugh when I’m blue and helps me find perspective during tough times.
  5. My friends. My life would be pretty boring without my amazing friends. They’re always there with kind words and sometimes a casserole when things are hard, and they’re there to laugh and play when things are good. I feel incredibly blessed to have such an amazing group of friends.

So, spill it, you guys! What do you do to cope when you’re stressed out? What makes you love your life? Are they the same things? About halfway through this post, I realized that my coping strategies are centered around some of the things that make me the happiest.

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