Eat! Drink! Make!

eat drink make

Hopefully it hasn’t been obvious to you guys, but I’ve been sort of playing around with what this blog is all about. Other than sharing news about upcoming shows and events, I wasn’t sure if I should focus on crafting, cooking, crafty business or something else entirely, and after months of deliberating, I think I’ve finally settled on a theme:

Eat! Drink! Make!

Oddly enough, inspiration struck in the middle of writing a tutorial for Green Upgrader. I was whipping up a craft market display using vintage suitcases and decided to make little signs to go on top of each of my suitcases to sort of delineate what my different lines are about. One suitcase says, “MAKE!” on top (for Lunch Bags! the book and my Cup Glove Kits) and the other has a sign that says, “EAT! DRINK!” (for my Lunch Kits, Snack Sleeves, and Cup Gloves).

As I was assembling the signs, I suddenly had one of those “aha” moments.

For whatever reason, it hadn’t clicked for me that crafting and cooking are such similar activities. Whether you’re putting a meal together or sitting at the sewing machine, you’re taking components and turning them into exactly what you want. What was feeling sort of stretched thin suddenly felt completely right, and I’m super excited about having a clear direction for this site! Don’t you just love it when things fall into place?

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