Studio Makeover: Before, After, and in Between

studio after

Last weekend, construction was finally complete, mom came to visit, and we got my studio in order! Calloo callay!

Mom’s superpower is organizing, so my plan was to have the whole space painted, cleaned, and preliminarily set up before she got here. It took a lot of sweat and cussing, but I was able to get everything in place before mom’s arrival last Friday. That way, we could focus on making little adjustments and seeing what we needed to look for at the thrift store in terms of seating and storage. Here’s how the whole thing went!

Studio Makeover: Before

studio before

The old wall color was a light blue, which I definitely liked but it wasn’t quite the jewel tone teal of my dreams. The first step was to pull everything out of the room so that I could paint. My husband and I were sharing this room, but now he has his very own office down the hall, so there was a lot to move. He wasn’t taking a ton of space, but I had some big plans for spreading out in this room and finally having enough storage for my fabric and craft supplies!

Studio Makeover: During

painting the studio

Here’s the room all ready for a fresh coat of paint! The ceilings are pretty high in here (12 feet!), so painting is all about climbing up and down the ladder. My legs were sore for days, but it was totally worth it!

Also take note of the awful peach trim, left from the previous owner. It felt pretty great to finally paint over that eyesore after 5 years in this house!

After that, I moved back the furniture I was planning to keep and got to arranging. Luckily, a lot of my old furniture worked really well. The goal was to buy nothing new for this space, because I wanted to keep the makeover as green as possible. Second hand pieces were fair game. The idea was to create a space that mirrored my business’ and my personal ethics.

I did end up buying new blinds for the windows. They’re white light filtering Levelors, and I felt like they were worth it, because they let in light without letting in heat, which means saving energy in the summer by keeping the room cooler. In winter, I can just raise the blinds to let the sun warm up my space during the day.

Here’s what I ended up spending:

  • 2 gallons Olympic zero VOC paint in Caruso – $50
  • Olympic zero VOC paint in white satin for the trim – $20
  • Second hand arm chair with ottoman from hotel surplus store – $75
  • Levelors – $80
  • TOTAL: $225

Not bad for a total transformation! I definitely lucked out by having a lot of usable pieces – my desk, bookshelves, and two cabinets are from IKEA and a few years old. If I’d had to buy all of that, even second hand, things could have gotten pretty pricey.

Studio Makeover: After

studio writing nook

It’s bliss!

My two favorite pieces in the room are that mustard yellow chair and a vintage sewing table that Dave’s grandmother gave me and I’m using as an end table. They make for a nice little sitting area where I can write and craft. This space has been such a long time coming, and it feels good to have somewhere organized that I can work comfortably!

You guys have seen and heard plenty about my workspace over the past few months, and I’d love to hear about yours! Where do you craft, cook, write, and work?

4 comments on “Studio Makeover: Before, After, and in Between
  1. Thanks, Ladies! It’s a really wonderful place to work!

    Karen – Aw, I bet your space is super sweet. It’s amazing what a fresh coat of paint and a deep cleaning can do!

    Lisa – Thanks! I’m planning to add more mustardy accents as I find pieces. Now that I’ve been in the room for a bit, there are a couple of things that would make it more functional. Hoping to find them at thrift stores!

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  3. Oh my……my little hole in the wall is so embarrassing compared to this beautiful room. Congratulations!!! I am so jealous!! Can’t wait to see the beautiful goodies you are going to create in this lovely and light space. I’m sure Molly loves it tool! ;)

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