Mending Basics: Sew a Whip Stitch

whip stitch pocket

The whip stitch is one of my favorite hand sewing stitches. It’s so useful and easy to do! In the video below, she’s using it to finish a hem, but you can also use a narrower whip stitch to close a busted seam or even reinforce a pocket that’s started to pull, like on the hoodie in the photo above. That comes in handy if you’re hard on clothing and housewares like I am.

To mend a busted seam or pocket, you just start on the wrong side of the fabric just above the problem area, use the stitch to pull the split pieces together, sew up the tear plus a few stitches past the end of the tear, and tie a knot. That’s it!

You can go with a coordinating thread color to make your mending almost invisible or choose a contrasting thread if you want to show off your crafty fix! Of course, I almost always opt for contrasting. I think those little pops of color make the mended piece even cooler than the original!

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